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AlbrechtConsult ...

is an independent consultancy specialising in the planning, realisation, assessment and operation of ITS - Intelligent Transport Systems and Services. These include conventional transport technology, transport management and vehicle telematics systems. However, the current focus is on cooperative intelligent transport systems and services (C-ITS) as well as the field of automated and networked driving.

The main strengths of AlbrechtConsult lie in technology transfer, from scientific/academic concepts and processes right through to real operation, true to the motto from the laboratory onto the roads. Technology transfer for AlbrechtConsult means the acquisition and own development of knowledge and skills within the scope of research and development projects that serve on the one hand its own qualification, and on the other are transferred to consulting  projects managed by AlbrechtConsult. In order to advance its own qualification, AlbrechtConsult in heavily involved in R&D projects on both a national and European level. In this context, it also seeks cooperation with universities and extramural research institutions.
As a result of this involvement, AlbrechtConsult has qualified itself as a specialist for all aspects of intelligent transport systems and services, from the conventional ITS world, via the cooperative ITS world right through to automated and networked driving, and has made a name for itself on both a national and European level.

AlbrechtConsult is also a specialist

AlbrechtConsult is present in not only Germany and Austria, but also throughout Europe with a total of 10 employees from very different disciplines. Apart from their professional and technical know-how, one basic of skill of all of AlbrechtConsults employees is their business fluent command of spoken and written English, something they put to good use in national and international projects.

The excellent transport links offered by Aachen via the ICE for national destinations and the airports in Cologne, Dsseldorf and Brussels, all of which are within easy reach, for international destinations mean that an on-the-spot presence is possible practically throughout Europe on the day of arrival. One distinctive feature is Aachens proximity to the European Commission in Brussels. This allows AlbrechtConsult to represent its customers at ad-hoc meetings of the European Commission in Brussels too.
On a national level, AlbrechtConsults customers are predominantly municipalities and federal states as the authorities responsible for road construction and operators of intelligent transport systems and services, though also higher-level authorities such as state and federal ministries as well as the Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt).

On a European level, AlbrechtConsult helps German and Austrian road operators in international highway corridor projects as both a project manager and specialist consultant (e.g. within the scope of the CEF program). Whats more, AlbrechtConsult is proactively involved in the development of European ITS concepts and standards for intelligent transport systems and services in cities and conurbation areas as both a member of expert groups organised by the European Commission as well as within the scope of research and innovation projects (e.g. in the HORIZON 2020 program).